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Degree in History UAH (EHEA)

Degree in History University of Alcala (European Higher Education Area)

First year:

The Origins of Humanity
Prehistory of the Amerindian Societies
Social History of Written Culture
History of Politic Thought
History of Antiquity I
Origins of Europe in the Middle Ages
History of Europe in the Modern Age
Universal Contemporary History

Second year:

History of ancient and medieval Art
First Farmers and Metalworkers
Prehistoric Spellings
History of Antiquity II
Modern History of America
History of Spanish Monarchy (15th-19th Centuries)
History of Contemporary Spain (19th-20th Centuries)
History of modern and contemporary Art
The Formation of Hispanic Societies (5th-15th Centuries)

Third year:

Society and Economy of Modern Europe
History of Ancient Spain
Introduction to Study of Written Testimonies
Cultural History of Middle Ages
History and Culture of Islamic Societies
Contemporary History of America
The Current World
Current Spain
History of Contemporary Thought
History of Cinema

Fourth year:

The World Wars in the 20th Century
The Catholicism in the 20th Century
Paleography (13th-17th Centuries)
Exposed Writings: Inscriptions and Graffiti 
Military Contemporary History
External practices 
Work of End of Degree

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